The bioWAVETM is being developed for utility-scale power production from ocean waves. Its nature-inspired design (biomimicry) combines high conversion efficiency with the ability to avoid excessive wave forces, enabling supply of grid-connected electricity at a competitive price per MWh.

The bioWAVETM is designed to operate in ocean swell waves, absorbing energy both at the surface and below. It is a bottom-mounted pitching device, which spans the full depth. The bioWAVETM prototype currently under development will operate at a depth of 30m, while the planned 1MW commercial model will operate where the depth is 40-45m.

The energy capture and conversion process for bioWAVETM has been confirmed through peer reviewed scientific research, extensive device testing at model-scale, and by measured results from dry-tests on our full-scale grid-connected O-DriveTM test module.

An ocean-based 250kW bioWAVETM demonstration project is currently under development at a grid-connected site with further plans in place to develop a 1MW demonstration, followed by multi-unit wave energy farms.

How It Works

The bioWAVETM is mounted on the seafloor, with a pivot near the bottom.  The array of buoyant floats, or "blades", interacts with the rising and falling sea surface (potential energy) and the sub-surface back-and-forth water movement (kinetic energy).  As a result, the pivoting structure sways back-and-forth in tune with the waves, and the energy contained in this motion is converted to electricity by an onboard self-contained power conversion module, called O-DriveTM.  The O-DriveTM contains a hydraulic system that converts the mechanical energy from this motion into fluid pressure, which is used to spin a generator.  Power is then delivered to shore by a subsea cable.  The result: efficient clean energy from the ocean.



bioWAVETM Advantages

The bioWAVETM ocean wave energy system offers specific advantages, including:

  • Maximum Efficiency
    Patented design features enable optimal performance

  • Low-Cost Installation
    Modular deployment and retrieval using standard vessels

  • Unique Survivability
    Designed to avoid exposure to extreme wave conditions

  • Convenient Servicing
    Detachable Power Take-Off (PTO) modules to simplify O&M

  • Minimal Impact
    Out of view and harmonious with the marine environment