The bioSTREAMTM is being developed for utility-scale power production from tidal currents. Its nature-inspired design (biomimicry) combines high conversion efficiency with the ability to continuously align with the current direction.

The bioSTREAMTM employs a patented oscillating hydrofoil system to extract energy from moving water. For sites that have a peak current speed of 2.5m/s or greater, bioSTREAMTM offers an environmentally safe and commercially viable source of electricity.

An onboard computer continually adjusts the angle of the hydrofoil (fin) relative to the oncoming flow such that the tail and fin system develops a swimming motion. The energy transferred by this side-to-side motion is converted to electricity by O-DriveTM modules installed on the bioSTREAMTM.

The ability to streamline and weathervane during periods of excessive flow allow for low-cost construction and competitive generation cost per MWh. A 250kW bioSTREAMTM demonstration project is in development, with deployment planned to occur only after substantial development of the bioWAVETM technology is first achieved.